1.000 students on circularity

Hogeschool Utrecht

Over de past three years more then 1.000 students were focussed on circularity. The research group Supply Chain Redesign in the Built Environment of the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences is working on research that combines principles of the circular economy with open source architectural design & urban planning. The aim is finding new ways to re-use demolition waste and recycled materials in small scale urban area developments. And to “democratize” traditional processes in the built environment.

Different recent studies have shown the potential benefits, such as a reduction of emissions. In “Hof van Cartesius”, a practical case-study in Utrecht, the ambitions and implications of this approach are being questioned, investigated and tested. Furthermore, there is a focus on the BIM-GIS integration. To know where specific materials are, gives new opportunities, for example for building logistics. As a base for these processes the use of a 3D digital spatial city model is proposed.

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