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Schoonschip is a daring attempt to re-imagine how cities function today and create an urban ecosystem that exists in harmony with the natural environment and the economy. Through an integrated design process, close cooperation with the community, and financial support from public and private partners, Schoonschip has become a groundbreaking concept that pushes many of the current boundaries of community governance, technology, architecture, and construction.

When completed, Schoonschip will be one of the most sustainable neighborhoods in Europe. The project has achieved impact reduction for all key resource demands (energy, water and materials), resulting in an integrated sustainability plan with a set of goals in nine key areas.

Schoonschip is located in Amsterdam North within the innovative new neighborhood of Buiksloterham. It includes 47 households on 30 floating villas, providing a home for a total of about 150 residents. Construction will begin in 2016.

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