tHof van Cartesius

Charlotte Ernst

Het Hof van Cartesius offers an experimental and green working-environment in Utrecht. Where entrepreneurs, citizens and initiators work together on a sustainable urban development of the area Werkspoorkwartier. Het Hof is a testing ground for Utrecht’s circular economy, DIY architecture, collectivity and interaction and temporary urbanism. It wants to connect innovative startups in the creative industry with larger companies in the building environment, of which both reflect the principles of circular economy.

The concept of the design is based upon the typology of temporary pavilions, clustered around communal courtyards which can also be used for urban farming. The pavilions are made from 2nd  hand shipping containers combined with re-using demolition waste as building materials.

Het Hof aims not only to be an icon for circular building environment, but is also the accelerator for knowledge in the field of circular economy in Utrecht. A platform for experiments and crossovers in sustainability and technology and a place to meet and co-create, connect and realize.

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