Overvecht vastgoed

In the north western part of Utrecht the former industrial site of the Werkspoorfactory is nowadays a terrain for mixed use. The ambition of the city is to transform this area to a hub for creative and circular economy. The iconic building Werkspoorkathedraal will function as a catalyst in this transformation process. The building is bought by an entrepreneur from a local family business who values long term sustainable development. The fist step in the transformation is the adaptive re-use of the industrial heritage from Werkspoor.

In a bottom up process with local entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and creatives the hall will be transformed to place to work, learn and for meetings and events. Placemaking with the local community and attracting innovative entrepreneurs is key to the redevelopment process. The first steps are realized. Office space is open, cultural programming and events take place. In 2016 we want to spur the developments by intensive collaboration in the area and by the redevelopment of Tractieweg 50. For the long term our dream is that Werkspoorkwartier will be an inclusive and attractive hotspot for innovation that gives a boost to Utrechts ambitions in healthy urban living.

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