About Cirkelstad

Cirkelstad (‘Circular City’) is a cooperative organization, organized in Circle-cities and bringing together frontrunners in the circular and inclusive building sector. Cirkelstad partners meet to exchange knowledge, discuss cases, best practices, and support each other in Communities of Practice. These Communities of Practices are organized 4 times yearly in various Circle-cities, each of which is coordinated by a ‘spinner’. In addition, several overall activities are undertaken:

• A biweekly City newspaper is published
• The Cirkelstad Academy offers tools and knowledge on circular construction
• A product database offers an overview of circular products

Accelerate together
The national and regional program ‘Accelerate together’ aims to reach a covenant in 2023, that describes ‘circular construction, the new normal’. To set up the covenant, throughout 3 years participants audit each other (100+) projects, leading to a better understanding of circular construction, set the bar, and disseminate tools and tips.

How we started
Cirkelstad originated when public and private entrepreneurs were struggling with issues in the area of the circular economy. How do we get residual flows back in the construction chain? How can we utilize all talents in the neighborhood? In the open way of collaboration and communication that followed, new perspectives and solutions emerged.

How it’s going
Cirkelstad facilitates public and private leaders in their region in many ways. By linking governmental and public networks. Sharing 10 years of experience in the Cirkelstad Academy. And by joining forces and arranging periodic alignment to maximize the possible impact. Cirkelstad is organized as a cooperative organization (Coöperatie Cirkelstad U.A.). Trust, openness, and respect for everyone’s role and position are what connect all parties involved. Creating fertile ground for continued cooperation between the partners is what Cirkelstad aims for. The foundation of knowledge and experience has been set. Now we are on the verge of scaling.

If you have any questions about Cirkelstad feel free to contact our ‘town clerk’:

Rutger Büch
Phone: +31 85  10 51 170